Lips started as part of an assignment for their Introduction to Women’s Studies Class. Lips asked women* and LGBTQIA persons in their campus community to send stories, poetry, and artwork expressing their sexuality for the publication. The zine served as an outlet where women could express themselves honestly and openly. Its existence empowered those who contributed and even those who didn't. It created and claimed a space where these voices were valid, valued, and, perhaps most importantly, were heard. Now the zine is digitizing into a new kind of social media platform to serve as an alternative to media publications and platforms that harm an individual's self-esteem and mental health, as well as marginalize honest, intelligent discourses of the experiences of women* and the LGBTQIA community. When we encourage self-expression, we begin to paint a more complete picture of humanity. We hope readers will learn from others and use experiences shared by contributors to work towards achieving acceptance of self and others as well as healthy relationships based on mutual understanding and pleasure. Keep updated on the 2020 launch of our mobile application and online marketplace when you sign up at lips.social and follow our journey & discover artists we love on the Lips Instagram.


We believe that everyone deserves access to diverse and honest expressions of love, trauma, relationships, creativity, sexuality and more. We believe that every person deserves access to a space where their voice is allowed, acknowledged and valued. We're done with "taboo" and "inappropriate" and "improper." We're ready for real.


To provide a space in digital and print for women* and the LGBTQIA community to share their experiences openly and honestly, as well as a space for all people to enjoy and support empowering and authentic content. Currently, 73% of all LGBT content online is flagged as inappropriate, even though 33% of Gen Z identifies as such. Words like "vaginal health" and "gender" are banned from advertisements even though "femtech" is predicted to be a $50B market by 2025. We provide a space for LGBTQIA and women's health brands to advertise as well as sell their products, as we recognize the unfair censorship bias online extends to businesses as well. Through our platform and University Chapters, we also aim to encourage women and LGBTQIA individuals to get involved in, and build confidence from, entrepreneurship and technology. ***What's with the asterisks? We recognize the gender binary as a social construct and welcome those all along the spectrum to join our community. Inclusion and acceptance are among our core values because diverse voices enrich our understanding and elevate the conversation, empowering and inspiring even more people. You go, girls*!


Lips has been featured in XBIZForbesHuffington Post and San Diego Voyager.