The night

Hi, I really like your account and would like to participate in.

I am a French artist with dutch origin. My artwork is about creation of the image of desire.

All my drawing are handmade, with almost only one stroke of a white pen on a very deep black paper.

I am looking for a kind of epure, a kind of synthesis, a bit like a negative of a body.

My obsession is what causes desire ?

We can remove the eyes, the skin, and suggest the strength of a body, of desire, with simple lines.

My women are white, purified to the extreme, with no frills.

I draw women who appear, bright, in darkness of their intimacy and desire. They are like goddesses  emerging from the black chasm. these women are at the edge of abstraction to create a graphic result.

Here is in summary my artistic approach.

NinanVan Kidow

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