#ProjectBoobs: Interview with Body Positive Artist, Antonio Páramo

Antonio Páramo is a self-described body positive illustrator from Mallorca, Spain living in Cologne, Germany.  Antonio says that many people who know him only from his art assume that he is female, because unlike many male erotic artists his portraits of nude women don’t objectify or sexualize women. 
His portraits of women show scars, stretch marks and strength, capturing the unique beauty of the hundreds of women who request nude portraits from him regularly.Antonio is a clear example of just why Lips does not require our submitters to be a specific sex or gender. The ability to create art that disrupts mainstream perceptions of sex is open to everyone.
In this interview, we’ll share posts from Antonio’s latest series “#projectboobs”  in which he draws the boobs of different people to demonstrate diversity and to fight against the censorship of female nipples and nudity on social media.
Here’s to sexy men making sexy art🥂

What is a topic you are passionate about?

I’m all about body positivity and specially fat acceptance and my work is very related to it. I really think everybody have the right to feel sexy on their own body, and to achieve that we need to stop judging other people’s bodies and start accepting all bodies as valid and beautiful bodies.

Do you think women need an online space for free expression? 

I think safe spaces for women are sadly necessary nowadays. Some people think I’m a woman when they approach me on social media so I have tried a little bit of both sides and it’s undeniable that being a woman on social media is harder. I think women will be limited on the Internet until men learn who to behave and truly respect women.

What is art to you? What is the philosophy behind your art?

For me creating art is more important than Art itself. I just couldn’t live without creating. It sounds like a cliché but it’s true. I always thought my life had no purpose until I started being and artist.

Is art therapeutic for you? 

I like to think that my art is therapeutic both for me and for my followers and clients. I help them feeling better with their own body and learning to love it a bit more, and they help me giving me inspiration to keep creating. I also find it very relaxing and I spend a lot of hours everyday.

Could you share a story about your creative process? 

I used to get inspired by plus size models, now I’m still amazed by them but I’m getting more inspired by just normal people out there. They all have different bodies and that’s so cool. I have drawn hundreds of people and I still haven’t found two that look the same.

What are some under-the-radar female artists you admire?

On instagram: @munrou_, @lachicaimperdible, @kinkykarrot

Do you have a personal story you can share with us about your own sexuality? 

When I was single I met a beautiful woman on Tinder for a one night stand. When we were on the bed she took a Nintendo DS and asked me if I wanted to play. Turns out she was the most amazing Super Mario player I have ever met in my life and we end up playing until dawn.

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