Be Real, Be Raw & Love Plants: Interview with Visual Artist Alexandra Caprice

Alex Caprice aka @theyounglass is an illustrator/printmaker with a passion for 90s nostalgia, plants and the desert. When she’s not drawing, you can probably find Alex talking to her cats and sippin’ on some coffee. In this interview Alex opened up to us about her artistic philosophy,  her views on the free expression of female sexuality, and shares her fav need-to-follow female artists.
What are some of your current projects?
Currently I’m working on a new body of work *just for fun* that’s kind of nostalgic and 90’s based, with a whole lotta cannabis references. Aside from that I’m working on a collab with a friend, I’m not sure how secret it is right now, so I probably shouldn’t say more. But it’s going to be really rad! I’m also working on a coloring book and of course I’m always designing stickers and clothing items for my shop, The Young Lass.
Blab about something you are passionate about…
I’m really passionate about plants! This year I kinda realized how 100% obsessed I am with plants, whether it’s cannabis or my cactus garden, I’m just floored by how amazing plants are. My cacti have been growing like MAD! Two of them have sprouted all these offshoots and arms and I’m just really excited because I’ve never had such happy plants before! See?! I’m obsessed. I even had a whole highlight section on my Insta, dedicated to my cacti :’)
What is art to you?
Ooo, this is such a good question! To me art is life, creative expression, the thing you do no matter what or no matter who is watching or not watching. I’ve always either danced, played an instrument, or drawn things. To me, all of that is an art and that’s why I love art so much, because it’s really so subjective and has room for everyone to be involved. My philosphy behind my work is to be real, be raw, have fun, and spread good vibes.
When did you start making art?
Oh wow, I’ve been creating ever since I can remember! When I was a little kid I would actually hand draw my own fashion zines and even bind them and put fancy covers on them! I was also busy painting rocks and making jewelry to sell on the weekends, instead of a lemonade-stand. I create because that’s all I know and makes me feel better about things.
Is art therapeutic for you?
Art is so theraputic for me. It takes me out of my head and into a whole different world, where I have no limitations physically or mentally. Drawing helped me heal through my back injury in 2016, and it’s helped me get through my anxiety of living in a new part of the country, away from all of my family and friends. I really feel like finding my voice through my art has helped save me from my own inner demons and self worth issues. I guess it just gives me purpose every single day and makes me view life with a different lens. Art has honestly helped me to see the beauty in everyday things.
What are some under-the-radar female artists you admire?
Okay, I’m seriously in love with @honkytonkwomann’s work! I love the colors she uses and just her illustration style in general! Of course I totally adore @lynsweetart, her style is just so uniqe and dare I say, whimsical? And last but not least is @lust.cult! Oh, her line work gives me the chills. I LOVE how she draws women. They are so stunningly elegant and ahhh, she’s just so talented!
Do you think women need an online space for the free expression of female sexuality?
Yes! I absolutely do! Just today I read one of my friend’s statuses on Facebook talking about being censored about drawing a nipple – a woman’s nipple. And that just kind of blew me away that women still just can’t be women without someone causing a stink. I do think some platforms can be limiting! I see amazing people getting censored all the time (on FB or IG) for sharing a nude or a nipple and it’s just kinda lame that we are still so afraid of human anatomy!
Do you have a personal story you can share with us about your own sexuality?
Growing up in organized religion kind of instilled in me this fear of sexuality, my OWN sexuality. And I think it’s still something I’m overcoming, maybe a little. You know, just being comfortable with sex and sexuality in general has been something I’ve worked on for myself for years. Having these open discussions really helps, so thanks for creating a safe place!
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