Why I Love Sex Work

I can still remember when I was little and learned what a Playboy Bunny was. The instant I found out, I decided that was what I wanted to be. Not to my surprise, my mom encouraged me to do it. I did not become a Playboy Bunny, but I did become a sex worker. 

Today, so many people have negative views and opinions around sex work, but they don’t have negative views of any other job that requires physical labor. We have over sexualized everything, to the point that using the body for actual sexual acts is bad, but in every other situation it is okay. 

People get into sex work for a variety of reasons, but I got into it because of my love for it. For most of my life I was shamed for my body, “why are your boobs so out there?” “You are getting fat.” and a whole slew of other comments.

With sex work I got to use every part of my body to please others and make them happy, which in turn made me happy. 

Before I did the work myself, I had a romanticized version of what it could look like from TV shows and movies such as Pretty Woman. But the reality of my experience is simple – sex work gave me exactly what I wanted and needed at that time in my life.

As I came to do the work, I developed a true, honest love for it. 

For me, sex work fulfilled that age-old sentiment: “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” I love people, I love myself, and I love making people feel good, in every way, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Sex work allowed me to do that. 

The power to be comfortable in your body, to be confident in it and what it can do, not just for you and others, is powerful. Sex work was like a super power for me. It gave me the power to step into who I was, what I believed in and do work I loved and respected.

Sex work allowed me to push away the negative views and stereotypes imposed on my body. 

I can’t think of another work situation where I had as much control and power as I did as a sex worker. With a client, I set the terms – say yes or no, explain what I wanted from them, and what I was comfortable with. Whether it was camming and telling people no, I’m not going to do that on camera, or in real life creating boundaries with sugar daddies on when I would play and how I would play, and even in the most basic way of setting my prices, I had control.

I made the rules and people either abided by them or that was the end. In traditional workplaces, it’s usually your boss’s way or the highway. In the corporate world, your body is covered in a shroud of shame and disgust.

Sex work throws all of those archaic points of view out the window and empowers people to openly communicate their needs and desires. 

Sex work celebrates the human body. Sex work invigorates the senses. Sex work creates a space for people to be more open than they may be in other parts of their life. Sex work gives comfort to people. Sex work allows people to heal from hurt. Sex work gives people a release. Sex work is a livelihood. Sex work is respectable. 

Sex workers are people. Sex workers deserve respect. Sex workers lives matter. Sex worker rights are human rights. Sex workers do things that not everyone is emotionally capable or willing to do. Sex workers are some of the most honest people. Sex workers are activists. Sex workers are passionate. Sex workers are human. 

Submitted by Anonymous 

Featured artwork by Austin Towns (Sleazy)

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